Date Declination [deg] Dish elevation [deg] Date start Time start [BST] Siderial time start Siderial hours run time Date end Time end Siderial time end Siderial hours run time
WEEK starting 18 September FSKY75 65 18 Sep test test test test test test test
Installed 486 PC and tested ADC with Chip's data capture program for DOS. Did not work here, but worked well at Chip's home. Will test again at home.
3 October FSKY50 90 3 October test test test test test test test
Visit by Ken. Focus box gain seems to be down. Could be degradation of cables between focus box and electronics in shed. Ken moved some gain from the shed electronics to the focus box. This resulted in enough signal in the shed for data logging.
Installed version 2.0 of Chip's logging program (Logger) on Sally's PC. Connected telescope detector/integrator output to A/D which is connected to the PC. One digital control line from the A/D dongle was connected to the telescope calibration circuit. Data capture was started succcessfully and calibration switching was tested manually. Need to set up Logger config file for automatic calibration switching. As a test, PC was left to record data for a few days with dish in resting postion, pointing straight up.